A master, for our purposes, is a being who is truly free.

There are those who are called masters because of the authority or power that they wield, but they are no more free than the people whom they have power over.

There are masters of various skills and professions, and they are awarded status, power and a semblance of freedom in certain areas of life.

Then there are the true masters, the ones who have mastered life itself and are truly free. There are only a few such masters on Earth right now, but that is changing, and if you have been drawn to this page you are probably well on your way to becoming one. Or rather, you are well on your way to realizing that you are one, because the master that you are becoming is, and has always been, your very essence.

You should know that the journey to the realization of your mastery is a difficult one. Until very recently it was nearly impossible to have your realization and stay within the denseness of Earth, so most of those who have gone before simply vanished in a flash of light shortly after their realization. We call them Ascended Masters, but the only real difference between them and you is that they have fully remembered, and owned, who they are. And you still have a body, while they don’t, and it is now possible to have your realization and remain on Earth.

Being a master is not like anything you have imagined or been told by any of the spiritual teachers of Earth. It is not something that you can study for, or that can be given to you by a guru. It comes from within and is an entirely natural process, like waking up in the morning from a night of sleep and dreams. Being a master cannot be described or fully comprehended by the human mind, because the mind is limited and the master is not, but we can describe a few attributes of a master:

  • A master knows that he or she is the sole creator of their life and experience, and therefore does not blame anyone or anything for the circumstances of their life.
  • A master knows that you are the sole creator of your life, so a master will never try to heal you, fix you, or otherwise meddle with you or your life. In utmost compassion a master will allow you to live out your own creations, because a master knows from experience how much wisdom there is for you in the experiences you have chosen, and how easy it is for you to change those experiences for yourself if you wish.
  • A master is powerless. Most people think of a master as someone with great power, but a true master has realized that power is an illusion, and a trap that one can only escape by letting go of all power. In that letting go a master discovers that there is no power in all of creation that can touch them or take anything from them without their consent.
  • A master is truly free. A master is beholden to no one and needs nothing, and is not limited to the confines of the human.
  • A master lives and acts at choice, rather than in reaction to the needs, expectations and circumstances of life and other people.

We will discuss these and many other attributes of a master, and what they might mean for you, on the pages of this website.