In stillness, everything comes to the master. I’ve seen it happen so many times. I’ve seen so many problems dissolve away, so many unexpected and perfect solutions find me, when I simply surrender into that still place of allowing. But damn, it’s hard to remember when life seems (key word) to be going nowhere and everything and everybody and especially my own mind are screaming that I’d better do something quick before my whole life crashes and burns around me!

It was on a day like that when I recorded this video, and it’s a reminder I return to often for myself. Click the image to play it. The transcript is below. (Length: 10:57)

Hello Master!

What, you don’t feel much like a master today?

Yeah, I didn’t feel like a master this morning either. But we are Masters. You are too. The master is here. The master is inside of us.

This morning I woke up feeling all frustrated about financial issues, health issues, all these things the human aspect of me doesn’t know what to do with. It feels like I should be doing something, so I decided to take a warm bath. Sometimes that helps. During the bath I realized something that I’ve known for so long, and it’s so hard to remember sometimes, that in the stillness everything comes to me.

My job in life is not to go out and figure out how to make things happen, how to get the things I want in my life, how to fix my body, how to get more money. That’s not my job. My job is to be still, to be here, to be in this experience of life, right here where I am, right now. That’s all.

Right here, right now, I have everything I need. I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat, a beautiful home in a beautiful place. When I can be with that I’m alive, and then it doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow. And the truth is, when I’m present with what’s here right now, when I can be still with this, when I can allow me just as I am in this moment, that attracts a whole different kind of tomorrow than what I would have attracted by trying to make tomorrow into something. It attracts a better tomorrow. But it doesn’t matter, because I’m living, right now, right here. And that, my friend, is what a master does.

A master doesn’t have power, and doesn’t use power. A master doesn’t go out and create grand universes by pushing them into place, or by demanding them into place. That’s not a master. That’s a human trying to be a master. A master is simply present, right here, right now, and everything comes to the master.

So I don’t know today how all the issues that my mind thinks are such big problems are going to resolve themselves tomorrow, or the next day or whenever, and it doesn’t matter, because right now I’m here. Right now I’m loving me, and that is the greatest love that there ever has been or ever will be.

Right now I am allowing me to just be here, to be still. Still inside. I might get inspired to lots of activity this afternoon, or not. Either way I’m still, in me. I’m living life, just because it’s life right now, not in order to get something for tomorrow. Tomorrow I could be dead, and that’s okay too, because there isn’t any death. I’ll just be in a different reality. Tomorrow I could be homeless. I’ve been there before, kind of. I don’t need to do that anymore, but it doesn’t matter, because everywhere I go there’s life, and that is why we’re here: to experience life.

When were off in the future chasing after what we want for tomorrow, we’re not alive. We’re not experiencing life. We’re experiencing a mind game mind game. That’s all it is. Life is here. Right here, right now, this is life. When we live right here, right now, and allow ourselves this experience, whatever it is, then that attracts more life, and more life, and more life.

When you’re off chasing after the future, trying to fix everything that we see wrong with our lives, that attracts death, because we’re not alive. We’re not living. We’re just a big ball of worry.

So I invite you come into your life, right here, right now. Tomorrow is going to take care of itself, no matter what you do. Tomorrow will be whatever it is, and there isn’t much you can do right now that’s going to change that. Your mind will tell you different. Your mind will tell you that you have to do this or that or the other thing. Truth is, that’s not how life works.

Like attracts like. Whatever you are being in this moment is what attracts more of the same in your future. So if you’re focused on doing things in order to create your future, yes, you’re going to create more of the same in the future, more of those things you’re scared of or worried about.

Come into life right here right now, and that will attract more life in the future. Be here. Be with this experience today, and have fun with it.