Opening to the Authentic Song of Your Soul

A Sensing Retreat with Romana Ercegović, Ph.D. and John McCurdy
21-27 June 2019

  • How does it feel when you take time to hear the true voice of you?
  • How does it feel to discover the genuine expression of your Soul?
  • How does it feel when you open yourself to the more of you, to the yet unknown senses?
  • How does it feel to allow yourself to dive into the undiscovered depths, through the layers of forgetfulness and into the beauty and mystery of your own Soul?
  • How does it feel to expand beyond mass consciousness, beyond concepts of mind, beyond everything you were taught was true, beyond any spiritual teaching, and discover the unique poetry, wisdom and mastery of you?

In this 7-day retreat we’ll connect with our Soul at a very deep level. Through sensuality, playfulness, vision and dreams and the interweaving of inner and outer landscapes, we’ll explore our senses and the magical dimensions of ourselves. Feeling deep within, we’ll embody what we discover in creative expression, using sacred theater, voice, movement, and poetry.

This camping retreat is set in the magical wilderness of Slovenia, providing us with a nurturing space disconnected from the noise and gravity of everyday life. Connecting with nature is an important part of this experience, as it helps us to connect with our own nature and to open up to our physical, subtle and multidimensional senses.

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