Romana Ercegović and John McCurdy

Romana Ercegović and John McCurdy

Welcome to the Library of the Rose, where we express our voice from deep within. We are both passionate explorers of the inner landscapes, of the Soul. In this website we share our depths with you.

John McCurdy

John McCurdy

John McCurdy is a passionate explorer of life, and a hopeless romantic. He spent most of his life in America, searching passionately for love and salvation. Along the way he learned there wasn’t anything he needed to be saved from, and then he began to discover the Divine Love that can only be found in the depths of one’s own soul.

In 2018 John’s soul came to him in the form of the archetypal Sacred Feminine. She began to show him many things about the true nature of life, and she asked him to attend and let her speak through him at a retreat he had been invited to in Greece. That was where he began his public channeling, and also where he met the love of his life, Romana Ercegović.

John and Romana were married two months later, and now he is enjoying an entirely new life with Romana and her son at their home in Slovenia. Now John spends his time exploring and celebrating life through the eyes of his soul (except when he forgets!), which is a very different experience from life as just a human. He continues to channel the wisdom of his soul for others, and he has discovered that he is still a hopeless romantic!

Romana Ercegović

Romana Ercegović – Photo by Boris B. Voglar

Romana Ercegović is an explorer and creator of new ways of conscious and soulful theater art. With a Ph.D. in dramaturgy, and as an author, playwright, performer, theatre director, actress, facilitator of transformative creative retreats, poet, author of children’s literature and puppet performances, and mother, Romana chose an independent artistic path and follows her own vision of theatre. She is passionate about awakening the perception of beauty, magic and pure joy of life, and about honoring the balance of feminine and masculine as well as the connection to Nature.

Romana’s dream is to create theatrical and other experiences where, by revealing our vulnerability, the light is born and a safe and sacred space is created where we are free to feel deep inside; free to embody the subtle, pure, authentic essence of who we are as well as the invisible depths and vastness of the human soul.

Romana lives in Slovenia with her beloved family, her son Lan and her husband John McCurdy. You can find more of Romana’s work on her website.