A Course in Grace and Magic

Exploring the Practical Embodiment of Christ Consciousness in Everyday Life

Welcome to Grace and Magic!

Our lives are full of grace and magic. Not the kind of magic where we cast spells or use magic wands to control or change the life around us, but the graceful kind. The kind that is our most natural expression. The kind where everything we need and much more is just there when we need it. The kind where reality itself shifts to accommodate our needs.

Both of us have spent many years and many lifetimes gathering the experience and wisdom to allow this kind of magic and grace into human life, and in this ongoing course we’ll do our best to share what we have learned. Or more precisely, we’ll allow our souls to share, for only with the soul’s wisdom and participation can one enter into this space. There will also be messages from Yeshua (Jesus), the Sacred Feminine, Merlin, and others.

If this sounds interesting to you, we invite you to check out the first few lessons (marked with green hearts below) for free, and then decide how much it is worth to you. You may also want to listen to the channel where this course was first announced.

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We hope you enjoy this very special course!

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Introduction to A Course in Grace and Magic
A special message from Yeshua, and a welcome from Romana.
Lesson 1: The Nature of Grace and Magic
The return of The Christ, and the true nature of grace and magic.
Lesson 2: Allowing Simplicity
Allowing grace and magic into your life is as simple as lying back in the river and allowing it to carry you.
Lesson 3: Opening Beyond the Mind
The Christ, on how everything in life is simply a perspective, and how to open up beyond what your mind can perceive.
Lesson 4: The Grace of Forgiveness
A personal and vulnerable experience of opening to grace and joy.