Upcoming Classes and Events:

Tobias’ Sexual Energies School – January 27-29 2017, Eugene, Oregon
The Sexual Energies School from the Crimson Circle is still the most profound, practical, and life-changing workshop I have ever attended, bar none. Despite its name this class is about the essence of life, and about relationships of all kinds. It’s about the epidemic—the virus, as Tobias calls it—of energy stealing, violence and abuse that infects every person on this planet who has not learned to love themselves and to source their own needs from within. It is about self-love, which is the cure—the only cure—and how to free yourself from this infection and transform your life and relationships. The Sexual Energies School is a three-day experience that will change you at a very deep level, if you let it, and it is my great honor and joy to offer it to you along with my co-teacher Mary Beth Shewan. Click here for more information and to register.