Part 1: Ending the Struggle

How do you get out of the struggle of life?

In 1995 I learned, the hard way. Perhaps my story will inspire you to do it a little more gracefully.

Part 2: Letting God Drive the Train

Learning to let things work out while you’re following your passion, instead of doing all the normal things to make them work out, is one of the hardest lessons any awakening human must learn. And yet a time comes where you simply have no choice anymore, because the old ways just don’t work anymore.

In 1997 I had an experience that changed my life, because it showed me why it works and why it is so important. In this video I’ll tell you about it.

Part 3: Enjoying the Ride

It took nineteen years, but in 2016 I finally realized there was a key part that I had missed in that experience in 1997. That realization changed my life more than any other, and in this video I’ll share it with you.

Part 4: Out of Control

A master controls nothing.

When I first heard that statement, made by various Ascended Masters, I hated them for it. I could feel the truth, but it boggled my mind. “Isn’t being in control what it means to be a creator?” I asked. “Isn’t enlightenment about finally getting my life under control so I can create my dreams?”

No, it’s not.

In this video I’ll talk about how I learned that, and why it’s such an important part of realizing your mastery.