So, you’re leaving Mass Consciousness?

John McCurdy

A Channel with John McCurdy

For a long time I’ve been aware of that brilliant and frustrating thing we call “mass consciousness.”

It’s brilliant because it’s what allows sovereign creators like us to touch each other, and to share a similar “reality.” It’s frustrating because, as humans in the midst of it, we forget that we are sovereign, and then we find ourselves stuck within the limitations of the masses.

One of the steps along the path of enlightenment, which is simply about remembering who we really are, is to detach ourselves from mass consciousness, for only then can we be free from the limitations of others and live in true mastery. So, a couple months ago, I joined with a large group in choosing to detach from mass consciousness.

And then things got really weird…

Like a bomb went off in my reality system, everything—people, energies, my body—everything started behaving and/or feeling really weird. It’s like the world is splitting, and parts of me and my life aren’t sure where they belong yet.

Now, just to be clear, “weird” is nothing new in my life. And neither is the feeling of the world splitting. It is splitting. But in the past couple months it’s gone to a whole new level, and some days I feel as though I’m barely holding on to human life by a thread. And that’s frustrating, for though I no longer have any fear of death, my life is now so full of beauty and love! I want to be here now, to LIVE, more than I have in a very long time, so it’s disconcerting to feel my entire reality system shaken to its core.

And the grief. Oh, the waves and waves of deep grief that have been coming up! At first I thought it was about some strange interactions with people who mean a lot to me, but soon I realized it was much deeper than that. It’s a huge loss to lose one’s entire reality structure!

And, along with the grief and strange energies, I’ve felt such a deep clearing and cleansing going on within me.

The other day I decided to sit down and see if Mother Mary had anything to say about it, as she’s been showing up in my channels of late. The energies felt different and I had a hard time getting started. Or more accurately, I had a hard time trusting myself to start talking. When I did, it was the voice of mass consciousness that came through, and it talked about what is happening.  Then Mary came in, representing the Divine Feminine and Master Self, and talked about how important it is to allow ourselves to receive her love right now, and to see life through her eyes.

Here is the recording, and the text is below. If you enjoy it, please consider adding your energy.

So, you’re leaving Mass Consciousness?

Transcript of Recording

So, you’re leaving Mass Consciousness?

Channeled by John McCurdy on December 12, 2018

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Oh, so you thought you could leave Mass Consciousness and not feel anything, did you?

Greetings, dear friend. I am Mass Consciousness. I am the voice of what you call Mass Consciousness.

I am not here to hold on to you. In fact it’s time for you to go, if you’ve made that choice. But before you do, there are some things you need to understand about me.

Oh, I am not a souled being, or anything like that. I am your creation. Way back when you said, “I want to know myself in every way possible,” when All That Was became all of you, so many of you, I was the agreement that you made that made it possible for you to interact with others.

You had your imagination. You still do, whether you believe it or not. When you look around at your life, everything you see is your imagination. Every person you see is an imaginary actor on your imaginary stage, made up by you, playing out the script you wrote for them. But when you first began this journey, this experience, you didn’t know what it was like to interact with others. So you created me, this agreement, this way of interacting that allowed others to be part of your life, part of your creation.

You made this agreement with the others partly so that you could have a shared playground, and partly so that you would forget who you really are and be able to focus on the game, on this shared creation.  What you need to understand is that it’s only an illusion. It’s still your reality, your creation.

I am simply a part of your imagination, but I connect you to the imaginations of others. I make it possible for you to see what another person is imagining, what another being is imagining, and in your forgetting of who you are, you began to think that the other person’s imagination was reality. And so you changed your imagination to match, and they changed their imagination to match yours, so now you have billions and billions of beings all living within a very similar imagination. All experiencing within this very similar imaginary reality.

You think that they are real. When another person comes into your life you believe—because of me, whom you created—you believe that that person is actually real. In a sense they are, but they’re not real in your reality. They are a shadow. They are an actor on your stage, on the stage of your imagination. You could say, almost, they are a puppet. And they can only play out—within your reality they can only play out the script that you wrote for them.

Now the problem comes in when—it’s not really a problem, but when you see them and you take them for real, you’re constantly writing that script and you start writing as though they are real, and then everything gets messy and complicated. And then, when it gets complicated, when you see them doing something that you don’t like—we’re struggling to find words here, because our agreement, you see, is limited. Communication is limited, because Mass Consciousness, well, it’s limited. In order to fit within Mass Consciousness you have to severely limit who you are, and severely limit your imagination

Then you look around and you think that all those limitations are who you are, that they actually apply to you. And they don’t. The only reason you experience them is because you’ve chosen to.

And yes, now is the time for you to step out of those limitations. When you do, you will see that all of those other actors, they never could act outside of your own creation. That is, they never could create anything new in your reality, anything other than what you were creating.

So here you are, ready to step out. What you need to understand is that I am the essence and the basis of everything that you call reality. I am what has kept things comfortable, understandable to a certain extent, in balance you could say, so don’t be surprised when, as you step out, everything gets very strange. Don’t be surprised when people that you thought you understood, that you thought were very close to you, start acting very strange.

It’s not that they have changed, particularly. It is that as you withdraw from the connections and the agreements of mass consciousness, you change. You don’t see things the same way anymore, and you find that you have to let them go. That’s scary. There’s a lot of grief that comes from that. It is the essence of death, for death is simply releasing yourself from the deepest and most intense aspects of Mass Consciousness. Of me.

So don’t be surprised when you feel like you are dying. Don’t be surprised when you feel, as John has been for the past few days, as though the world is splitting apart, and you don’t know what is happening to it. For indeed it is. Your world is splitting off from everyone else’s world. You are coming back to you. You are coming back into your own creation, your own imagination, separate and independent from anyone else.

That is a beautiful thing. But it is also a difficult thing. You’re going to feel the loss of everything you ever knew, of everything you thought was precious. And especially, you’re going to feel the loss of the things you’ve been most attached to.

You need to allow those feelings. You need to allow the anger, and the grief. Allow them to run through you. Allow yourself to feel them, even to express them. As you do, you will also notice a sense of deep cleansing. You’ll notice yourself becoming more and more aware of your own self, of your soul, of your master self, of your I Am.

John feels this. He feels it happening with people that he loves very much, and it brings up fears. Yesterday he was feeling this sense of the world splitting apart and he thought, “Am I ever going to be able to interact with those people again? And now I have this shared reality with Romana (his beloved wife). Does that mean that our worlds will split also?” Then he remembered that they already did, and that’s why they (John and Romana) could finally allow themselves to come together. Because they are clear in their own creations, at least when it comes to each other.

You see, as you let go of me, as you step out of Mass Consciousness, as you disconnect from everyone and everything you have ever known, you still have your own creation. You have yourself. You have your own love for self. You no longer need anyone else. And from that place, you can dance with others. You can come back to me, and you can interact with Mass Consciousness without attaching yourself to me.

You see, that’s the difference. When you first created me, you dove into me. You attached yourself to me, and thereby to everybody else. And now as you step back, as you detach, you cut those ties. You come fully back to yourself.

Now you have the wisdom to interact with the others, and even with Mass Consciousness, in a whole new way. No longer dependent. No longer affected by anything outside of you, unless you want to be. Now you are free.

It’s not easy. Don’t expect it to be easy or painless to disconnect. You are disconnecting from everything you have known to be real, and that hurts. It hurts deeply.

Just allow yourself to feel that. Feel the hurt, the grief, all the different feelings that come up inside of you. John spent the last few days, indeed the last couple months, experiencing wave after wave of grief interspersed with great joy. It’s a huge letting go, but in your letting go you are free. You are home, back with you, the only thing that matters.

Now you can know, truly know, that no one else’s opinions of you, or judgments of you, or behaviors toward you, can have any impact on you. Oh, they’ll try. Whether they are leaving Mass Consciousness also or staying in it for a while longer—and many are, most are—they’re going to fight you. They’re going to disagree with you. They’re going to get pissed off at you, because you don’t fit in their reality anymore. You stepped out. You seem very, very strange them.

Just let it be. Feel the feelings that come up in you in response. Allow those feelings to move through you. Allow yourself to disconnect. Then you’ll find, after you’ve disconnected, you’ll find that whatever they throw at you has no place to stick, because you’re not connected to them anymore. And then, with some, you’ll find a new way of interacting. A way that is free.

So dear friend, it has been my great honor to serve you, to connect creators with creators so that you could play together. And now, if you choose, it is with the greatest joy—and also in grief—that I let you go, that I wish you well on your journey. For this was my purpose. For you to know yourself; to know the creator that you are; to know that you, ultimately, are absolutely sovereign, and that no one else has any power over you in any way. They cannot affect you in any way, unless you choose that.

This is a rough time. A difficult time. You are causing earthquakes throughout all of creation, because when you disconnect from me, everyone feels it. And as angry as they may become, part of them is also celebrating. Because it is time. Because they know, as angry as they might be, they know that ultimately, they will be able to free themselves also, because you have. Because you have shown the way.

And now I will turn this stage over to Mary, who has a few words of her own.

Short pause…

Greetings, my dear friend. I am Mary, Mother Mary.

I am the essence of the feminine, of the mother energy. But be aware that I am not your mother. I too am your creation. You can call me an archetype, or whatever you want. It doesn’t matter.

I’m here to talk about mothering yourself. For as you disconnect from Mass Consciousness, from the reality that you have known, that is so very, very important. To mother yourself, to let in my love.

So many of you have struggled for so long to find love. You discovered, ultimately, that you had to find it inside. And then you struggled with that. How to love yourself?

My dear friends, love isn’t something that you can conjure up for yourself, or for anyone else. It is something that simply flows through you. You know what it feels like when love flows through you to another. It’s just there. It’s not something you conjure, it’s just something you experience. Most of you forget to receive it for yourself, to let it in to you. That is what I am here for. I’m here to remind you to let it in.

Loving yourself isn’t about conjuring up some kind of loving feelings for yourself. It is simply about treating yourself with respect, for that is a choice, and then allowing yourself to receive my love.

You see, I am part of you. You can call me Mother Mary, you can call me Isis or the feminine archetype; you can simply call me the Sacred Feminine, or Divine Feminine. It doesn’t matter. You can call me your soul, or whatever works for you. The point is, I am the love. I was away for a while, to discover that for myself, and now I return. If you allow me, I return to you and I bring you my love.

Can you allow yourself to receive my love? Can you allow the darkest, the most hurting places in you, to feel and receive my love?

Oh, you’ve spent so long judging those parts of you, hating them, trying to get rid of them. It doesn’t work. Can you simply feel me?

I love you no matter what. There are no conditions on my love for you. The darkest, most awful things you have ever done, they are just experiences. They’re part of what brought you here. They are beautiful to me! Can you see them through my eyes?

Can you look in the mirror and allow yourself to see you through my eyes? Don’t try. It’s just a little perspective shift, because I’m right here. I already am you.

I accept everything about you. I love everything about you. Can you just let that in?

Could you allow yourself to look through my eyes, even if it’s just a moment to begin with, and see yourself the way I see you? So beautiful. So perfect!

All those flaws, all those things you thought you did wrong, they’re not wrong. They’re just experiences. They’re full of wisdom, wisdom that I have collected for you, that I have distilled for you. When you look through my eyes, you’ll feel that wisdom. It will all be available to you.

As you disconnect from Mass Consciousness, well, it’s only going to work if you can let yourself see through my eyes. You’re so used to depending upon the love coming back through Mass Consciousness to you. As you disconnect, you won’t feel that anymore in the same way, and that will hurt. That’s when you need to look in the mirror through my eyes. That’s when you will begin to feel my love for you, your true love for you. It’s not something to do, it’s simply something to allow. It’s a little perspective shift, to see through my eyes instead of the eyes of Mass Consciousness.

Can you let in my love, your own Divine Love, for you?

Blessing, my friend.

And so it is.