Receiving the Love of Soul

John McCurdy

A Channel with John McCurdy and Romana Ercegović

Have you ever really felt the love of your own soul, or I Am?

I’d felt this message coming for a few days, but when my beloved wife, Romana, and I sat down to record it on Christmas Day, it turned out to be the deepest and most profound experience of the Divine Feminine, and of my own soul and its love, that I have ever experienced.

But how to describe it? I’ve listened to the recording several times now, trying to find words to convey the essence of this experience.

So deep. So much love. So warm. So real and visceral for me. Each time I listened it went deeper. Each time I felt the union more deeply, and it moved me to tears. As I listened again yesterday I felt her asking to see, through my human eyes, the issues in my life that my human is trying so hard to figure out. I let her, and then I watched as her light and love swirled into the car that has a problem no one has been able to solve, into the aches, pains and strange sensations of transformation in my body, and into all the other human issues in my life. It was one of the most loving and affirming experiences I’ve ever had, and I truly felt her reassurance that there is nothing at all to worry about. And this experience is here for you too, if you want it.

I still feel at a loss to truly describe this experience, so I’ll have to leave it for you to feel for yourself. Here is the recording, and the text is below. If you enjoy it, please consider adding your energy in exchange for the value you have received.

Channeler’s note: When she speaks of imagining a star, what I saw was not a distant and tiny point of light. Instead it was a bright sun, soft and warm instead of harsh and hot, and the light radiating from it was like warm liquid love.

Receiving the Love of Soul

Transcript of Recording

Receiving the Love of Soul

Channeled by John McCurdy on December 25, 2018

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I am that I am.

I am known by many names, and none of them fully describe who I am. You could say that I am the divine feminine, but even that is an incomplete picture.

I Am. And ultimately, that is all.

You often speak of the return of the feminine, the return of Isis. You’ve heard many metaphors that attempt to paint a picture of that, to describe that. Beautiful metaphors, helpful metaphors, but every one is incomplete. The one that we’re going to share here, in this message, is also incomplete, but perhaps it will offer a slightly different perspective to fill in another piece of the picture.

I’d like you to imagine I star. A bright, beautiful star. See it in your mind’s eye.

Notice that from the star there are many different beams of light radiating outward. Specific beams aimed to specific places. Now look, and notice that one of those beams ends with you.

Now, allow yourself to feel the true nature of this star.

Feel me in it. Feel yourself in it. For this is you. This is your essence. This is your I Am that I Am.

Now as you feel me, feel the love.

Feel the love coming down this brilliant beam of light, of your light, that is coming to you, the human on Earth.

Feel the brilliant, soft, beautiful love coming to you.

Feel how there is absolutely no judgment in it, of you or of anything you have done.

You see, there was a point, around the time that you were born, when I chose to have a new experience, and I sent forth this beam. I have sent forth many others. You can still see them if you look. They are other expressions of me, of you, living, having experiences, in other times and other places.

Now, you’ve often thought of feminine and masculine as being almost like two separate beings, and there’s some truth in that. But it’s an incomplete picture. Feminine is the Creator. Feminine is the birther. Feminine is me.

When I sent this beam out, when I sent you out, you went out to explore my creation. To experience my creation. And in a way—again, this is an incomplete picture, because words are always incomplete—in a way, you could say that you in motion, you traveling at the end of this beam of me, is the masculine.

So you went out. You were birthed into a body on Earth. Whether it was male or female, in a sense it is still a masculine expression.

In a way, you could say that you took off running through your life, exploring creation. In a sense, running away from me, though you cannot cut off the connection between you and me. But in a sense, you could say that you lost track of it. In particular those in the male bodies, maybe they ran a little faster, some of them.

It is difficult to find the right words for all of this, but John is doing an excellent job.

So, what we would like you to do right now: you feel this scene in your imagination, this light coming from me to you and you running as fast as you can run through creation, through your experience of life, trying to understand it, trying to make it work, trying to solve all the problems, trying to atone for all the mistakes you think you’ve made. And wondering where I am.

So, we’d like you to stay with this imagination for a little bit, and we’d like you to just stop.

Just for a few minutes, allow yourself to stop. Stop running. Stop trying to solve anything or fix anything.

Just stop.

Notice the warmth on your back. The warmth of me.

If you’re willing, turn around. Face me. Feel me.

Feel the soft white light of me. You can almost touch it. It’s warm, comforting. It’s my love.

What you’re feeling is me, coming to you. Isis, returning. The sacred feminine of you.

Allow me to envelop you, to meld with you.

Notice that there’s no difference between us, for you and I are one and the same. Even your human body is simply an expression of me.

Oh, it’s been running so fast and so hard, working so hard. It’s been manipulated and controlled so much by your mind, by your perceptions, by the beliefs of others, that it’s hard to feel me in it. But notice, as you just float here, how we are one and the same.

Notice how everything is beginning to come into a new balance.

Notice, once again, how there is no judgment here of any kind. For I have none, at all. No judgment whatsoever, of you.

Allow me to hold you. To caress you.

Yes, I do understand. All of those experiences you’ve been through, I went through them with you. I felt every one.

And I also saw the bigger picture that you couldn’t see, and I collected the wisdom from those experiences. I have it all right here. That means that you have it all, because you and I are the same.

Now, if you are willing, I’d like you to turn back around. Turn your attention back to your life here on Earth.

I would like to see it through your eyes, if you are willing.

For you see, as human, as my human expression, you have so much freedom that you can block me out if you wish and keep those experiences to yourself. And I have no judgment, even of that.

If you are willing, I want to see your life through your eyes.

And, if you allow me to, you’ll notice something amazing. You’ll notice that you can see your life through my eyes, and through my eyes you’ll have a whole different perspective than you’ve ever had before.

So, if you are willing, allow yourself to see through my eyes.

Do you see the beauty, the incredible beauty, of everything? Do you feel the wisdom? It’s your wisdom. It comes from you, the human in this lifetime. It comes from all of our other lifetimes, all of our other expressions.

Do you see how, through my eyes, you can see a bigger picture than you could see before?

Your mind won’t be able to figure it out. It gets so caught up in the details. Just come back to seeing through my eyes, to feeling.

Oh, your mind is going to question this. It’s going to ask you how you know you’re looking through my eyes.

There’s one way you can always tell: in my eyes there are no judgments. There is only the deepest, most unconditional love that you could possibly imagine.

Through my eyes you can see what your human judges as horrible things, and you can see a bigger picture. We’re not going to try to describe that for you right now, because you have to see it for yourself.

The time has come, my dear, precious, outward masculine expression. The time has come to feel me.

If you allow it, I am coming in. I’m coming to be here, in your life, so that you can always, always feel me, and you can always see through my eyes.

And it will be a new experience for me, too, to be able to see your life through your human eyes.

Feel me, dear one. Feel my love.

Come back to this anytime you want. Turn around. Just stop for a moment and turn around in your mind’s eye, in your imagination. Turn around and look into my light, my love.

Then turn back to your life and allow yourself to see it, and to feel it, through my eyes.

My dear friend, this is self-love.

Allowing me to be here, to merge with you, to hold you. Allowing yourself to see life through my eyes. This is how you let more love than you have ever imagined into your life, and into yourself.

From now on, as you move forward through your life, through our life, be aware of me. That’s all it takes.

Be Aware. Allow me to be in it with you. For that is the reunion of the masculine and the feminine. And this is the reunion of the human and the divine.

And so it is.