Connecting With Soul

Romana Ercegović

An Inner Experience with Romana Ercegović

I feel joy and honor to share with you my first audio recording of a journey to the depths of Soul. It’s an inner experience of calming down and resting in the embrace of the subtle and gentle vibrations of your own source of pure Love. It’s an opportunity to take a break, a pause from the chatter of your mind, and to see yourself from another perspective.

This was my first public sharing of a guided inner experience. Usually I facilitate this kind of experiences in my workshops, which feels much safer than exposing the tenderness of this expression publicly. It’s also the first time I openly reveal something I have never said publicly before: This experience comes from the wisdom of my own Soul, and is also supported by a circle of feminine ascended masters, including Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

However, I wouldn’t call it “channeling” any of them, but rather our co-creation—channeling my own divinity while we are experiencing the beauty of creation together. We are resonating and sitting together in another dimension, yet I am being a sovereign creator in my master and human way. It’s about sharing the sacredness—some call it sacred feminine—and the beauty that is within me and within all of us.

To enjoy this experience fully, I recommend that you take some quiet time just for yourself and get very comfortable. It’s not just about hearing it, but about allowing yourself to open to, and resonate with, your own Love within and to connect on deeper levels of your body, your soul and your whole being.

Enjoy yourself! 

Connecting With Soul