Inner Places of Joy

Romana Ercegović

An Inner Experience with Romana Ercegović

This experience leads you to the magical lands of your joy. How do we get there? There is no other way but allowing ourselves to feel everything, including those things, feelings and emotions that are not so enjoyable. In this compassionate and healing journey we are invited to feel and to lovingly embrace and honor ourselves entirely.

In this loving embrace of self, the heavy layers that lie between us and our joy can move and transform. We can expand and see ourselves and our life differently, and the sparkling stream within begins to flow freely and to open us to a new sense of the magical beauty within.

Note: This experience can also stir unpleasant sensations as you open to, and allow yourself to feel, the dark and painful things you have hidden away within yourself. If that happens, I invite you to stay with these feelings and sensations. Allow yourself to really feel them, and listen to the recording again as many time as it takes.

Now, I warmly invite you to take time just for yourself, sit or lie down comfortably, and close your eyes. Kindly allow yourself to relax deep into the softness of your heart, and to receive the energies into your whole body as you listen.

Inner Places of Joy