Relaxing Into Softness

Romana Ercegović

An Inner Experience with Romana Ercegović

In this journey within I invite the softness of my heart to speak to yours, to gently offer a safe space in which deep release and expansion can happen. This rejuvenating, reconnecting, liberating and sensing experience can be especially helpful for those who are highly sensitive.

This journey takes you from rigidness, toughness and tension to a soft, natural state of being. It’s a short but effective journey into simplicity, which can open the body on a very deep cellular level and help it to soften and lighten up, to feel a new space of emptiness, ease, grace, freedom and receptivity. In that space you may discover a new perspective, and a new perception of your divine senses.

I warmly invite you to take time just for yourself, lie down comfortably, and close your eyes. Kindly allow yourself to relax deep into the softness of your heart, and to receive the energies into your whole body as you listen.

Relaxing Into Softness