Romana Ercegović

Love Poem to My Soul

A Poem by Romana Ercegović

No words are needed,
all is spoken silently in waves of breath.
Love can be revealed in thousands of nuances of silence.
It can defeat my fences,
disarm me
with one tiny single breeze.
No words are needed,
only breath,
the tender whisper of the Soul.

You enter the softness of my heart
so easily,
the golden door opening wide by itself.
Your fingers, with the touch of light,
unlock my sacred chambers,
My heart welcomes you
like an old friend awaited
for eons of time.

The unseen streams of air
are flowing to the sea,
opening me to the ocean of Divinity.
Opening me to the light beyond,
to the deepest places,
to the brightest treasures,
hidden for eons,
awaiting me.

Waiting for me
to surrender to Love.

This poem is copyright © by Romana Ercegović.
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