Romana Ercegović

Shaman’s Heart

A Poem by Romana Ercegović

The old shaman within me,
She sees these trees.
She feels this land.

The old shaman simply is,
together with all that is.

She doesn’t care if she is beautiful,
because that’s not important to her.
What matters to her is
how her heart melts in the Beauty
of what she’s breathing,
of what she’s feeling,
as she’s sitting by the tree
on the sacred land
in her own sacredness.

The old shaman loves limitlessly.
She embraces the whole world
within her Heart,
including herself.
She dances a dance
that has no name,
that has no meaning,
that is Life Herself.

Until words disappear,
and only remains
the tenderfelt heart
of Silence.

This poem is copyright © by Romana Ercegović.
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The image is a photo of an original painting by Simona Čudovan and is copyright by the artist.