Hello dear friend,

It is such an honor to have you here, and Romana and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the interest you have shown in our work!

Romana and John in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Wow, what a year it has been! From releasing Mass Consciousness to encountering The Dragon to being asked to embody The Christ; from Romana’s performance honoring the feminine, performed in the heart of a former Catholic monastery in Slovenia, to releasing her new book of amazing poetry;  from learning how to co-create with another sovereign master and together allow grace and magic in our lives; it has been an intense and amazing year for us!

Along the way we changed the name of our website to Library of the Rose to better reflect our work together, added a section for Romana’s poetry and other beautiful expressions, and began not one, but two online classes:

A Course in Grace and Magic

This class was announced in the Embodying The Christ channel, and we are discovering that Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene are deeply involved. After all, they were among the first humans, and maybe the first couple, to embody and teach the true powerless magic.

Getting this class online has been an interesting process, for it was asked that we continue our “pay what you want” policy but require people to pay something to enter the class. I spent months trying to figure out how to do that, which is why you haven’t heard much from us for a while. I tried numerous WordPress plugins and even coding it myself, but nothing seemed to work the way we wanted. Finally we decided to throw in the towel and take off all the controls, because it just feels better that way. We still ask that you pay something, but there are no controls and we leave it up to you.

A Course in Grace and Magic is finally available, with an introduction from Yeshua and the first five lessons, and more on the way. And, thanks to Liliana Audet, we have Spanish translations that will be posted soon. The feedback has been amazing, and we invite you to check it out!

Creatorship 101: A Course on Becoming the Creator that You Are

Way back in 2011 I began channeling my own soul, in total privacy except for my voice recorder. I transcribed those channels and posted them on a website and soon they were translated into Spanish (Thanks Maribel Gonzalez!), and for a time I became quite popular in South America. But they never went anywhere in English, and after a time I took them down.

As we were preparing Grace and Magic, it was brought to my attention that I already had a mostly complete course that would be a perfect complement to it. I pulled up some of the old Creatorship 101 lessons and listened to them, expecting them to feel quite out of date, but I was surprised at how relevant they still are. “It just wasn’t time yet,” Yeshua said to me. “But watch what happens now!” And indeed, our very first course subscription was for Creatorship 101!

Living Grace and Magic!

Our Magical Home

From the day we got married in Slovenia more than a year ago, Romana and I have known that we would be going to America, my homeland, for an extended visit. And here we are! We’ve been here for a month, and already it’s been an amazing journey of actually living Grace and Magic. A beautiful motorhome came to us by pure magic, and we’re currently exploring the Southwestern United States and feeling into some very old connections with the native peoples here.

We’ll write more about our adventures in upcoming newsletters, but for now we want to announce that we are preparing an in-person workshop/retreat entitled, Living Grace and Magic. It’ll be a deep dive into connecting with your own soul and receiving its love, into allowing the reunion of the inner feminine and masculine and allowing real grace and magic into your life.

We don’t have any firm plans yet, but if you would like to attend something like this, or if you would like to host it, please contact us.

From Romana:

Welcome also from me! I feel honored and full of joy to be sharing this Soulful space with you. My deepest passion has been to connect between dimensions within, the sublime feelings of lovingness, of Beauty which comes through the softness and openness of the heart, and to create expressions that guide to the places of purity within, of simplicity.

What is a Master, if not a person who allows the simplicity, who allows her/himself to be taken by the flow of Life and her/his own consciousness? It sounds simple, yet for a human it’s like remembering/discovering another language, word by word, layer by layer. I feel deep within I know this language perfectly, and yet I need to remember all over again.

So, I’m not trying to be a perfect teacher here, but simply sharing from the wisdom distilled from many experiences. Deep from the core. Deep from the soft radiance of the pure heart. Opening so deeply feels like the next step for me on my journey. Not just understanding and knowing the truth of the pure heart within, but an invitation to live it, to be it, to express it… I admit, it’s scary. Can I live and express the sensitivity, lightness and softness of my heart? This vulnerable softness that has been misunderstood, doubted, ridiculed, shamed, by myself and others? Hiding it is the best way to survive here on Earth. And yet, that’s what embodied enlightenment is about, isn’t it? To embody the soul in all that we are. To BE it. To exist. To radiate. To show up.

In this and in many lifetimes, I tried hard to achieve perfect purity, to radiate the sacredness of the Soul, but now I understand it’s about remembering love and embracing all, pure and impure, beautiful and ugly, with the same compassion. It’s about welcoming the wholeness (holiness) of the Beauty of me, of everyone, of the world, the imperfect dance of human and divine, which is so perfect from the eyes of the Soul.

Walking this path of teaching love together with my beloved John, a man of deep wisdom and bright heart, is a special blessing of this lifetime.

As I was preparing what to write for this newsletter I felt the presence of Mary Magdalene, who spoke about the importance of the balance of feminine and masculine voice. That’s why both Mary and Yeshua are cocreating with John and I in this Course of Grace and Magic, as well as in our work in general.

Her message was that this is an agreement between the four of us, that we will create this beautiful journey of grace and magic together, a journey that will give space to feminine and masculine. A journey that will bring a new template of balance, of how feminine and masculine can cocreate together in respectful way, in equal importance, supporting each other, loving each other, and in the same time loving ourselves in compassionate and devoted self-love.  It is time that feminine and masculine start to work together, inside each of us and also in the expression of physical reality, as women and men in physical bodies.

When the feminine energies are respected, they don’t need to hide or to prove or protect themselves. They don’t need to fight for their space. They can finally relax and just be. They can finally be feminine in the freest and purest form of feminine. When men can hold this space, then women can truly expand to a new level in our feminine energies, and fully live our true wisdom beyond our private space and safe women’s circles, in the presence of men and out in the world. And it goes both ways, also the masculine energies, when they feel respected and loved by the inner feminine and by women, they lose the need to prove and to use power.

This has been happening to me now in the work I am doing together with John, and I admit it’s terrifying to me. I’m so used to being strong in my feminine and masculine expression that allowing this deeper gentler feeling of the feminine within me feels like letting go, even like losing myself. After so many centuries of suppression of the feminine voice and of distrusting masculine, is it possible to trust anybody except me?

We have been learning to rely on ourselves, to love ourselves first, and yet, if we want to cocreate in truly balanced ways, without power games, energy feeding and codependence, we need to lay the foundations of our relationships on a new level of maturity, and eventually a new level of trust, not just of ourselves but also of each other.

And the truth is, there is no answer for how to do it, no recipes, no magic wands. Many are talking about it, about powerless life, but how many are truly living it? Not even ascended masters like Mary Magdalene and Yeshua have real “how to do it” advice for that.  And how many masters actually stayed on Earth and embodied this powerless living? Not so many. So, we have to create it, each of us in our own unique way, exploring and finding the new ways, the new templates of balance within ourselves and in our partnerships.

From both of us:

Once again, thank you so much for your interest in and support of our work. It is an amazing journey we are on and it is such an honor to be able to share in this way, and we look forward to interacting personally with many of you!

Now that we have the technical process more or less worked out, we’ll be writing more often to let you know what’s new and what we’re up to.

Until next time, we wish you a life full of beauty, grace and magic!

John and Romana


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Comments on our work:

“I am amazed by what you two have created together – just love the gentle and sovereign way you hold the space for the Feminine and the beautiful, crystal clear way John gives voice to Her, to our Essence as well as other facets of our beingness! I’m deeply grateful to you both, know that your sharing is just priceless! And so very unique. It has taken me to places I was yet to discover, where I can go even deeper into the joy of being alive and self-realized. Always looking forward to what wonders you two are creating & co-creating next. You are truly an inspiration to many!” Nici M

“The messages you share through the voice of your soul resonated with my soul and accompanied me in a process of inviting more compassion and awareness in my life, looking and exploring my divine feminine in a new way.  They simply have brought new awareness. Thanks for all. I can’t express how enlightening it was to see the divine feminine within me in a new form. From the beginning I loved your sweet, simple and kind approach to communicate.” Marco B